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Who I Am

 "Hi, I'm Phil." That greeting starts each Power Message video but it’s not very informative, so here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I’m a Baby Boomer (on the lower end, thank you) but think I'm even younger.
  • I’m married to the love of my life with five children.
  • I’m a dog-lover, especially of our Golden Doodle. 
  • I founded a successful financial planning firm near my hometown of Pittsburgh.
  • I cheer loudly for the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and my Alma Mater, IUP. 
  • I'm a CrossFit enthusiast (I’m one of those) but I modify workouts, a lot.
  • In college I played football and was a DJ. I turned in my helmet but kept the mic.
  • In 2016 I became an ordained minister, yet I do not pastor a church.
  • I do operate this website and also speak at churches, schools and companies.
  • Most importantly, I love Jesus!!

Do I sound like a mainstream-ish (is that a word) Christian? I think I am yet many evangelicals would disagree. Here’s the rub…I believe Jesus is the Savior of the world, and I mean, the whole world! That includes people like me who HAVE placed their faith in Jesus, as well as people unlike me who HAVE NOT YET believed. 

Does this intrigue you? Challenge you? Infuriate you?  If so, I invite you to dive in and explore. Many of our Power Messages explain my belief in “Christian Universalism,” the conviction that God will ultimately save all, yet never apart from and only because of Jesus Christ and His free will to go to the cross. Other messages share stories meant to encourage your faith and help you to live everyday life in what I call, Power Without Fear. All messages lift up Jesus as the Savior of the World and the one who wants to have a personal relationship with you.

So for now, please click here to learn more  about our ministry and beliefs (come on, click!) and thanks for visiting.