POWER MESSAGE SPECIAL #81: Networking Tips and Faith, 2-10-19

This Power Message SPECIAL was a recent speech to IUP football players, yet these 12 Networking Tips, which include a faith element, could benefit any college student or employment seeker.


One thought on “POWER MESSAGE SPECIAL #81: Networking Tips and Faith, 2-10-19

  1. Fantastic message!!! I would have liked to hear something like this 50 years ago, but the Lord’s timing is always perfect, even if ours isn’t. I especially liked #12 about trusting the Lord. Putting OUR interests first instead of HIS will probably result in a lot of frustration and unhappiness. Even if we’re “successful” in our endeavors, we will NEVER be truly happy unless we put Him FIRST! I really liked this message! Thank you!

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