How cancer healed my soul. An inspiring conversation with Sonya Clemente. POWER MESSAGE #162

Sonya Clemente, a retired Marine, loving wife, devoted mother, and accomplished realtor, is courageously battling a diagnosis that doctors have labeled terminal ovarian cancer. Allow her inspiring message of faith in Christ and forgiveness to resonate with you, providing strength in the face of your own challenges and adversities.


2 thoughts on “How cancer healed my soul. An inspiring conversation with Sonya Clemente. POWER MESSAGE #162

  1. Thank You Sonya and Phil. After many years I have come to believe much of my life’s theme is centered on the internal voice of forgiveness. I have always believed the more I have done in my life , the more I have given of my time , effort and value (in some cases money) to those in my life, the less I felt valued and even unappreciated. No Matter if it was Family, co-workers , employers , Friends , neighbors and the many employees over 25 years in business. The more isolated I felt internally because I did not feel valued for my sacrifice. The more I did for others , of my own choice. eventually a situation would become apparent that I believed demonstrated and reinforced my self fulfilling prophecy, “that people never value the sacrifice of another person, that is given freely”. This created stress and anger in me which would come out as I internalized this battle. Until i realized that by forgiving myself first, I could not forgive them or absolve others . I could not live in peace. I had to realize my gifts , my efforts and giving what I could as I chose was my reward. My sacrifice could be the source of my peace and not my frustration. My forgiveness of my self for being upset and even angry with those who may have overlooked my sacrifice was my reward. And this realization gives me great comfort and peace. Your message today though related helped me in this realization. Your peace is assured and has your message likewise has helped me in my growth and desire to seek forgiveness as my source of peace and so my joy of life .

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