Whether you would like to invite Phil to speak, or maybe you have a question you would like to ask him personally, this is the place to do it.  Just shoot us note and we will get back to you as soon as time permits.

Phil routinely finds himself with a microphone at three types of events:

1- As a veteran financial adviser and co-owner of Henry Wealth Management, LLC, he often speaks at meetings of financial professionals as well as to the public on issues related to the importance of planning for retirement and building diversified investment portfolios.

2- He has appeared more recently on several college campuses, in classrooms, school-wide assemblies and chapel meetings, encouraging and motivating with regard to integrating their faith (as opposed to fear) into their job searches and career planning.

3- He has led a monthly neighborhood bible study for over 10 years, until founding the Phil Henry Power Gospel. He has also been a frequent guest speaker at Tetelestai Church (see several posted ‘Power Hour’ sermons), filling in for his pastor. Phil will be happy to speak to church groups, especially on the topic of God’s love, demonstrated through the impeccable life, atoning death and glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His universal impact on all of mankind.

If you are interested in having Phil speak at your church or venue, just send us a note here and we will get back to you.
Do you have any questions you would like to ask Phil personally? Send him a note here - we can't promise we know all of the answers, but we can seek them out together.