FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #79: Jesus Died for How Many? 1-13-19

The word “many” can mean a MAJORITY or it can mean ALL, depending on the context. In Romans 5,  Paul said “THE MANY” will be justified because of what Jesus did. How many does that mean? Are you included?


7 thoughts on “FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #79: Jesus Died for How Many? 1-13-19

  1. I agree with John, I did like the analogy with the gym membership. So many benefits that we can experience! Thanks for making it so easily comprehendible for many (all) to understand Phil!

  2. Hey Phil,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve tuned in. Now that the holidays are over as well as the wedding, I’m getting back on target!
    GREAT MESSAGE! How many??? ALL!!!
    Thanks for your devoted spirit to God’s Word!

  3. Thank you for your messages! The Truth is setting people free. Religion has kept people in fear and bondage for centuries. The two biggest lies of religion are as follows:

    1) You have to earn your forgiveness by confessing individual sins. This keeps millions in bondage to their ability and cognition, especially devastating to sensitive people who take everything very seriously. This is works-based, not grace based. It keeps sincere believers sin-conscious instead of conscious of their righteousness in Christ. Jesus has already provided complete forgiveness by His own blood at the cross in a once for all sacrifice that was quite apart from anything that we can accomplish. This entire religious construct is wrongly based on a misinterpretation on one verse (1 John 1:9). According to the view of religion, this verse says that every time you sin, you are unrighteous and need to be cleansed of all unrighteousness. Yet we were made righteous as a gift of God by grace through faith. All the blessings of God that we have (including righteousness, grace, and faith) are gifts of God, not of works so no person can boast. Whether that verse was a salvation verse that John addressed to the Gnostics (whose false beliefs he exposed in the surrounding verses) or a transitional verse for Jews moving from law to grace (in like manner to the Book of Hebrews), it cannot be for us who are completely forgiven by the finished work of Jesus and not our performance. In addition, Jesus specifically gave Paul the Gospel to the Gentiles. Paul never instructed anyone to remember, list and detail their sins either to be forgiven or maintain forgiveness. Jesus said whoever believes HAS eternal life and will never perish. Jesus never asked anyone to list their sins. Likewise, Paul never asked anyone to list their sins and simply told the Philippian jailer to believe and receive the forgiveness and salvation that was already his in the Christ Jesus. In the parable of the prodigal son, the Father did not require the returning son to list all his sins. The Father simply received him back with perfect love and great joy.

    2) The devastating lie of traditional hell by which religion threatens all people with eternal conscious torment in literal fire for not believing AND/OR for losing your salvation. With 30,000 denominations, there are a plethora of ways to ostensibly lose salvation (serious sin, not overcoming everything, doubt, divorce, views of baptism, not enough faith, not being in the right church, etc). All of which keeps people in bondage to fear and insecurity. This false teaching has caused many to suffer serious mental illnesses, suffer through life, cause great confusion and led to many suicides (if you consider seriously the idea of eternal conscious torment in literal fire for yourself OR anyone you love, it will drive you insane. Unless you are already insane and believe that God elected a few to be saved and the vast majority to suffer ECT all while being perfect love that never fails.)

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