FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #58: The Heavenly Reunion- You’re going! 1-7-18

Reunions– a great time to visit family or old friends. There will be a Heavenly Reunion, one that I believe will be all-encompassing, loving and forgiving. A place where hurts will be healed and mercy and grace will abound, because of Jesus Christ.

As for all people that God ever created attending– does the bible teach that? I hope you will watch this FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE and gain hope if you are concerned about departed loved ones who may not have exactly lived a life of faith, or maybe even calm fears about yourself.

Not everyone will agree with me and that’s OK. Listen to my rationale and I hope you will gain certainty, not because of what you or I have done or not done, but because of what Jesus Christ did. Know Him now and you can live in Power Without Fear!

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