FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #64: Why Bother Praying?

Why bother praying, will it change anything or is God’s will already predetermined? That’s a BIG question that I will answer by offering three important benefits of prayer. I pray that you’ll watch 🙂


4 thoughts on “FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #64: Why Bother Praying?

  1. Prayer and rapport sound like they go hand in hand. Through prayer I can have a greater rapport with God. It’s a win win for All. While praying, God hears even what your not saying because he knows All your earnest desires. Prayer brings me closer to my Savior. Say my prayer is finished and I get this lonely feeling like what now. Keep your rapport with God but talking to him. He’s there. He’s listening. He thinks we are worth having this rapport with. He doesn’t leave us. We leave him

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