FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #44: The Obscurity of Ricky Martin and Jesus, 7-30-17

Ricky Martin is an ordinary, obscure to most kind-of-a-guy. Yet how he is used by God to comfort others is truly amazing. Hear his story and see the Christ-like connection- it is beautiful.


9 thoughts on “FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #44: The Obscurity of Ricky Martin and Jesus, 7-30-17

  1. Anyone who knows Ricky will affirm this message. If you approach him to tell him what a Blessing he has been, before you can get two words out he’s telling you how much of a Blessing you are to him.

  2. My wife and I met Ricky about a month ago during our first visit to Tetelestai Church. When Phil started this message we both knew exactly who he was talking about.

  3. This was an excellent message Phil. I don’t know Ricky but I wish that I did! I am going to have my boys watch your Power gospel; we were just discussing how our world is so “me” centered yet Jesus said to deny yourself and Serve others. This is a beautiful example of that. Thank you!

  4. Great tribute about Ricky & a beautiful eye opener.
    Thank you so much for your 5 Minute Power messages!
    May God bless & keep you is my prayer, in which I know He will. He promised never to leave us nor forsake us!

  5. Brother Love, or as Pastor Knapp calls him, Ricky, is one very special individual! They probably wrote the old song “Home On The Range” about Ricky, “where seldom is heard a discouraging word”, because he’s ALWAYS UPLIFTING AND ENCOURAGING!!! I always look forward to seeing him at the door on the way in to Tetelestai!!! Truly a modern David, a man who seeks after God’s own heart! I anticipate, every time we attend, the heartfelt handshakes and hugs. What a Blessing!!!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Ricky. I didn’t know him personally, but I will always remember the love I felt as he shook our hands as we entered Tetelestai Church while we were still able to get there. Thanks Phil, for filling us in about his living out the scriptures. I’m sure his rewards will be great when the Lord comes to restore all things to Himself. Your power message was so powerful! Thank you so much. Love and Prayers, Ardith

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