POWER MESSAGE SPECIAL #83: Believe Without Having Seen

I was honored to speak to Nutritional Frontiers and shared several biblical concepts regarding Fear and Doubt vs. Faith and Vision. Join in on this replay to have your faith, your belief without having seen, motivated and inspired!


2 thoughts on “POWER MESSAGE SPECIAL #83: Believe Without Having Seen

  1. Phil I absolutely love and support you, however I just can’t get past NO HELL! How can everyone murders, child molester, evil people go to heaven? Fighting the good fight but confused🤷🙏💙

  2. To Janice.. Most Christians think in the frame work of heaven and hell..as some particular space and time..a literal version, no wonder they get stuck, the kind of questions u ask.. H and H are right here..you have the choice what to select here and now! This is Bible..

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