POWER SERMON: God’s Inclusive Plan for All, 12-17

Many of my previous 56 POWER MESSAGES share my belief that God will ultimately save all of mankind. Why the emphasis?

(1) I believe this is the story of the Bible.

(2) I believe that many people who might be interested in a relationship with Jesus are otherwise turned off by “sharing and scaring” and “turn or burn” messages.

Many Christians, people whom I know, respect and love, disagree with me. Their position is that “TRADITION” teaches heaven is for believers in Jesus and hell is the destiny for the rest…and they are sincerely desirous that you would believe in Christ.

I have many reasons for my belief that God will save all. If you care to see a more developed rationale (that’s code for 58 minutes) then consider watching this POWER SERMON. Here are time markers:

• 0.00 to 11.05: Intro/Overview

• 11.05 to 28.55: How I changed (inconsistencies w/ traditional heaven/hell)

• 28.55 to 40.36: The Original Usurped (why I believe the early church was ‘Universal’)

• 40.36 to 52.33: What the plain text lacks (do the English words ‘Eternal, Punishment and Hell’ mean something different in the original Greek?)

• 52.33 to 58.13: My Bottom Line Beliefs (8 reasons why I believe God will save all)


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