FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #29: Stop, Drop and Pray

Men and women approach problems differently. But if we would STOP, DROP and PRAY together, we might just get faster, more effective answers while worrying less and trusting more.


2 thoughts on “FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #29: Stop, Drop and Pray

  1. Great message! It put a new prespective on Stop, Drop & Roll. Every time I think of that I’ll exchange it with Stop, Drop & Pray.
    When you said that, I thought you had invented the saying! Oh well, it’s all good it will cause me to Stop/ Drop (what I’m doing) & Pray!
    Thanks for your continued blessings in God’s Word!

  2. great message… good job brother. Love phil 4:6. Actually have it on a tattoo πŸ™‚

    in our church today, great reminder with similar idea

    W-Wait for God to work
    A – Ask for God to work
    I – Invite God to change my heart
    T – trust in God to lead me

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