FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #29: Stop, Drop and Pray, 2-19-17

Men and women approach problems differently. But if we would STOP, DROP and PRAY together, we might just get faster, more effective answers while worrying less and trusting more.


2 thoughts on “FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #29: Stop, Drop and Pray, 2-19-17

  1. Great message! It put a new prespective on Stop, Drop & Roll. Every time I think of that I’ll exchange it with Stop, Drop & Pray.
    When you said that, I thought you had invented the saying! Oh well, it’s all good it will cause me to Stop/ Drop (what I’m doing) & Pray!
    Thanks for your continued blessings in God’s Word!

  2. great message… good job brother. Love phil 4:6. Actually have it on a tattoo 🙂

    in our church today, great reminder with similar idea

    W-Wait for God to work
    A – Ask for God to work
    I – Invite God to change my heart
    T – trust in God to lead me

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