FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #110: How Many People Will Perish Forever?

The English Bible that we read contains the word “perish.” We have largely been taught/warned that this will be the outcome at death for those who have not believed in Jesus while alive. Will God inflict eternal conscious torment on humans that He created for failing to make a “decision,” or is Jesus in fact, the Savior of the world, the whole world?


One thought on “FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #110: How Many People Will Perish Forever?

  1. Great Message! Growing up in a Fundamental church, I heard a lot about John 3:16. Even in my adult years in “Pentecostal” churches, John 3:16 was preached often. But it wasn’t until attending Tetelestai under the teachings of Pastor Knapp, yourself, Pastor Brown, and others there that I heard teachings on John 3:17, that God’s Purpose in sending His Son isn’t to judge or condemn the world, but to SAVE it! And combined with Isaiah 46:10, God says that His Purpose WILL stand, and He will accomplish ALL His will!!! It may be a bit difficult at first to comprehend, especially for those who are taught about eternal punishment. But once we begin to understand that God’s Love for His creation is so much greater than anything we could ever imagine, we start to get the idea and begin to SEE with His eyes! Thanks again for a GREAT Message!

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