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POWER BLOG #7: What to do when the storms of life hit? 10-7-16 4

Rather than release another Power Message this week, in the face of the extremely fierce and powerful Hurricane Matthew now slamming the southeastern US coast, I’ve decided to post this blog.

As a Christian, I believe that God created the world Genesis 1:1, upholds it Hebrews 1:3 and one day will restore all things, Acts 3:21. So how does He “uphold” one asks, when a hurricane rips through our land, killing (potentially) hundreds and causing property damage in the billions of dollars?

I don’t have an answer for why God does what He does or why He allows what He allows. He is the potter and has power over the clay in His hand, Romans 9:21. He has demonstrated this power countless times in the Old Testament (Hebrew) scriptures, as well as in the New, most notably in His Son, when on one storm-tracking occasion, Jesus literally walked on the water, Matthew 14:22-33 and while another time, he commanded a literal roaring sea to be still and it obeyed, Matthew 8:23-27.

I emphasize literal because most “storms” in life are of the figurative sort, the problems and trials of life that sometimes come to us without warning or fault, while other times, they are as a direct result of our own bad decisions. Jesus said that when these storms come, we are to lean on Him, the rock, since the shifting sands offer no foundation, Matthew 7:24-29. Better for us to have been building on His rock foundation during pre-storm times, yet God will not abandon anyone who calls out to Him. Here is an encouraging article from Rev. Charles F. Stanley of InTouch Ministries designed to help during times of hardship; Weathering the Storms of Life.

Back to real storms; while citizens in FL, GA, SC and NC and first responders and power companies are trying to deal with unimaginable circumstances, and while The Weather Channel and other media keeps those of us that are in relative calm abreast of latest developments, besides watching this play out on our television sets, WHAT can we do? Will you consider joining me even now, in this- this is WHAT we can do;

  • PRAY– ask God to lessen the severity
  • PRAY– ask God to give our leaders clarity and for citizens to trust them and comply
  • PRAY– ask God to guide and protect first responders
  • PRAY- for people to come together, as Americans always have, to aid and comfort each other
  • PRAY– may those of us not in harm’s way, consider contributing financially to help those who are. I just went on-line to do my small part, donating to the American Red Cross;

Thank you and may God bless our country, especially at this time of great need.

PS- If you want to see a recent Power Message; Five Minute Power Message #17, Power without Fear

Phil Henry is a financial adviser and also an ordained minister who founded and produces short videos and blogs at Phil Henry Power Gospel.  


One thought on “POWER BLOG #7: What to do when the storms of life hit? 10-7-16

  1. Phil,

    I will keep you in prayer, to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy spirit. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have.

    I have been reading your power messages and really like them. It is so nice to see pastors come out of Tetelestai. I am very honors that God lead me to Tetelestai several years ago.

    Darlene Mullen

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