FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #98: What Would a Pain Free World Look Like?

Sometimes we fail to seek God or thank Him for our so many blessings, until one gets stripped away. Recently I could barely walk. Join me to see what I did during this time of pain.


3 thoughts on “FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #98: What Would a Pain Free World Look Like?

  1. Great message…..AGAIN!!! Oftentimes when things are going good we think it’s because of OUR accomplishments, and it’s only in adversity that we turn to God. But we forget that God is in control, no matter what! As 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says we are to rejoice, pray, and give thanks in ALL circumstances. Sometimes we’re too busy to appreciate some of the Blessings of God and it’s only in those times of what we consider “adversity” that we slow down, not by choice, and take time to see and appreciate those Blessings.

  2. Phil, my brother in Christ, God has provided thru you a great way to witness to a macho guy who takes pride in his physicality. I have tried other methods, but the Holy Spirit led me to your Power messages which I pray will awaken him. Thanks be to God. John Gordon

    • Bro John, thank you for your STRONG SHARE! I pray that your friend will thank God for whatever physical attributes he possesses and uses them to bless others. You are a true friend and thankfully, a new friend to me 🙂

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