Are You Happy Yet? FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #25

At least fifteen times per year we are wished “happy something.” But are we truly happy? Check out this Five Min. POWER MESSAGE and tell me if you agree with my top three, “because I’m happy,” reasons?


One thought on “Are You Happy Yet? FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #25

  1. Happy new year Phil. Love the “happy ” message. Especially the song…I need to download that video to my phone…can’t help but make you smile

    We’ve actually been talking about Joy, contentment and happiness a lot later…in small group and one on ones. We are not necessarily promised happiness always..but we are promised joy and contentment by keeping our relationship with Jesus first priority. Probably just semantics…but I love your 3 points and will bring this up in our next discussion. Have a great week bud. Good job spreading his word

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