FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #96: What is my Christian Agenda?

The term “agenda” often carries a negative connotation. I hope my “Christian” agenda is perceived in a positive way. This Power Message will tell you what mine entails, and what it does NOT.


4 thoughts on “FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #96: What is my Christian Agenda?

  1. Great message with great points!!! God wants us to Love others just as He Loves us! Jesus didn’t come to jam His agenda down our throats, but to demonstrate the Love of the Father…to EVERYONE, and NOT by condemnation!

  2. Can’t improve on John D,’s Reply, but to say that Jesus commanded us to LOVE even our ENEMIES, and do Good to those who are persecuting us. To me, this involves FORGIVING them as Jesus does .

  3. Phil this is absolutely outstanding! I could not agree more with your Christian agenda. We are two love the way Jesus loves us without condition, including our enemies. We agree with John G. We MUST forgive as Jesus forgives us. Phil you make God smile!

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