FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #74: Raising Hell Q & A; 10-7-18

A follow-up to our recent post, (This Chick is Raising Hell) this video deals with two important questions: (1) If God is going to save all people, why did Jesus die on a cross/doesn’t that cheapen grace? (2) How can some say there is no Hell if the New Test. uses that word at least 12 times? I hope you watch this new POWER MESSAGE #74 for responses the important questions.


2 thoughts on “FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #74: Raising Hell Q & A; 10-7-18

  1. Hi Phil,
    If you read Luke 16:19-31 Jesus most definitely was talking about Hell/Hades/Sheol. He tells us that the rich man went to Hades and begged for just a bit of water on his tongue because he was “in agony in this fire.” If he would soon just be transformed and sent to Heaven, why would he be so concerned about having someone warn his family?

    Your thought that there is no Hell basically just tells us that we should try to come to Jesus in this life, but if we don’t, oh well, we’ll be able to fix it after we die. I’m sorry, but that is blasphemy! Do you understand the consequences of your taking these verses out of context? I’m sure that you have read 2 Peter Chapter 2 that speaks of false teachers and their inevitable destruction. Not only this apply to you and your blatant disregard for the Word of God and Jesus, but ironically it tells you that your false teachings will cause you to be sent to the Hell that you say doesn’t exist.

    I pray for you, my brother, that you realize the error of your words and the repercussions from possibly causing others to be sent to Hell because they figure God will fix them after they die.

    • Hi Joe-

      Thanks for writing and I do sense your true concern and please know that I am appreciative. I have posted 75 Power Messages to date and probably 1/2 of them have either a direct or indirect reference to Christian Universalism. If you watch a few, I hope you’ll note that I ALWAYS invite people to come to Christ now. So I’m glad we have that in common. My “About the Ministry” page details my views with scriptural support. Again, thank you for taking the time to write.

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