FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #5: Scaring (with the gospel) vs. Sharing (the gospel)

How effective really, is asking people to come to faith in Jesus Christ by scaring with the threat of Hell if they do not believe? I think “turn or burn” messages are unproductive and not even biblical! This Power Message shares that the real power is sharing the love of God.


3 thoughts on “FIVE MIN. POWER MESSAGE #5: Scaring (with the gospel) vs. Sharing (the gospel)

    • Sir ; Your intentions may be good but are not scriptural !!!!!!!!!!! Book of Romans ; Behold the goodness and severity of God . Notice that under Grace , the goodness of God is mentioned first . However , how else is a person going to escape hell if they don’t hear about ” if you harden not your heart ” . A sinner must be told that if they don’t respond to the preaching of the Gospel of Christ , Romans chapter 10—” who hath believed our report ” , they will perish under the judgement ( severity ) of God . I agree with you that the preaching of the Gospel should be offered first to the sinner because right now , the goodness of God is being offered to mankind . God is going to judge the world by Jesus Christ and not believing the Gospel is going to condemn them to hell or the lake of fire burning with brimstone . You never tell one side of a story . Apostle Paul said ; ” I have not shunned to declare unto you the whole council of God ” .—–Respectfully : Ernest E. Johnson

      • Dear Ernest-

        Thank you for writing. Obviously you disagree with my premise that Jesus is the Savior of ALL, but I appreciate your respectful approach. We both care about people…we have the same “intentions” as you mentioned.

        You desire to save them from a God of Love who will embrace them IF they comply or reject them if the do not. I am sharing a God of love who a;ready embraces them SINCE Jesus complied. You want them to wake up and get saved. I want them to wake up to understand that they are saved.

        I invite you to read my “about” page so you can see how I have reached my conclusions, you have quoted Romans and so do I 🙂

        In the meantime. let’s keep desiring to share Jesus.

        Love in Christ, Phil

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