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How many will perish by virus, by violence and by indecision? Power Blog #27 4

A decision was made in China some months ago to not vigorously contain the spread of a virus nor to promptly alert leaders of other nations of what could be coming. That decision, despite the best mitigation efforts in our country, has led to more than 100,000 Americans perishing and three times as many deaths worldwide. Let’s pray and hope for a vaccination soon and for the restoration of our former way of life.

Another decision was recently made in the arrest of George Floyd. Although clearly subdued, a police officer’s knee remained on his neck, pinning Mr. Floyd to the pavement. This restraining technique, apparently legal in Minneapolis but widely discredited by law enforcement experts elsewhere, even if allowable was used to excess and caused Mr. Floyd to suffocate. Three fellow officers looked on and did not intervene. Mr. Floyd perished.

That senseless decision has sparked many to abandon the peaceful protest teachings of Martin Luther King and rather, opt to violently riot and cause senseless destruction of city blocks and businesses. More perishing. Let’s pray and hope for peace, justice and restoration.

Finally, the mother of all decisions according to most evangelical Christians is the necessity to recite a so-called “sinners prayer” and believe in Jesus Christ while alive, in order to avoid perishing after death. Their definition of perishing involves a decision by God to inflict eternal conscious torment on unbelievers, in hell. This doctrine, not embraced by me, offers no prayer, no hope and no restoration for billions of people who have died or will, without having believed in Jesus.

The English word “perish” that we read in our Bibles has been translated from the Greek word “apollumi.” It means to lose or be lost, which begs the question, “to lose what and for how long?”

For the record, to date I have published 110 Power Messages and 27 Power Blogs and you will clearly note that I have believed in Jesus Christ. I have invited Him to come into my life, yet not to save myself from hell in the future, but rather, so I could start to live with Jesus in the present, right here and right now, to start to experience life of the coming age, now. Prior to knowing Jesus, I was perishing; I was losing out on the life that I could have been living with Him.

Please give me five more minutes to watch Power Message #110 listed below. It compliments this Blog and explains why I believe that Jesus is Savior of the whole world (Isaiah 25:6-8, 1 John 4:14), not just some in the world. It also deals directly with what might be one of your favorite bible verses, a prominently one that features the word “perish,” none other than John 3:16.

My prayer and hope is that you will at least hear me out and contemplate something that you have never considered before; could Jesus indeed be the Savior of the whole world? Please click here to watch FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #110: How Many People Will Perish Forever?  

Phil Henry is a financial adviser and also an ordained minister who founded and produces short videos and blog posts at Phil Henry Power Gospel.  


3 thoughts on “How many will perish by virus, by violence and by indecision? Power Blog #27

  1. Brother Phil…..In Blog #27 this morning i was wondering if you meant Isaiah 25:6-8 instead of 26:6-8?
    I like Isaiah 26:9 as have been a believer in U. R. over 17 years. Also like Isaiah 45:23, speaking of Isaiah’s writings.
    God’s Blessings.

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