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Are You Living In Power Without Fear? POWER BLOG #26 7

Life was quite different in 2016 than it is now. Back then face masks were worn only by surgeons and hockey goalies. We traveled freely through crowded airports and boarded sold-out commercial flights. I did just that in the fall of ’16, landing in Atlanta and enjoying a scenic one hour ride to beautiful Lake Oconee, Georgia for a business conference.

I had launched the Phil Henry Power Gospel ministry a few months earlier and was doing my best to add new content each week. “Power Without Fear” became the mantra for our ministry, a term that I hope you have heard me repeat at various times. From my perspective, the truth of this term can only begin to be realized when we increasingly come to know Jesus, to believe in and meditate on promises in the Word of God and act on them accordingly, especially in times of need.

On that trip I do not recall any specific needs or fears that were challenging me. I do vividly recall arriving and stretching out to watch my Pittsburgh Steelers, who on that given Sunday, got stretched and embarrassed by the Philadelphia Eagles!

Recovering from that loss one day later, I did utilize a break in my business schedule to set up shop in front of the lake to film a Power Message about our mantra. Living our lives in power without fear was highlighted in the scriptures by Paul the Apostle in his letter to Timothy;

  • 2 Timothy 1:7 God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Ironically as I filmed, I stated that one cause of fear is related to uncertainty about our futures. Boy was that prophetic as four years later in 2020, many nations have been rocked by fears of COVID-19. Nearly 1.5 million Americans have tested positive and tragically, almost 90,000 of us have died already.  Perhaps you watched my most recent Power Message #109 about my dear friend, Police Chief Mark Romutis. He passed from this life on Easter Sunday ‘20, due to the Coronavirus.

Not only is this time marked by fear but by anger and political divisiveness as well. The big question for debate and divide currently is this; are we re-opening our economy too soon which could lead to spike in cases and more deaths, or not soon enough which will lead to worsened economic woes and mental health issues?  

So I am now re-sharing Power Message #17, produced four years ago at a peaceful lake, because of this present unsettling storm.

Let me close by asking you a simple question; Are you living in fear without power or in power without fear?

Click here to watch FIVE MINUTE POWER MESSAGE #17, Power Without Fear. As you do, I pray that this message will strengthen, challenge and encourage your desire and resolve to live in power without fear, through Christ, amen.

Phil Henry is a financial adviser and also an ordained minister who founded and produces short videos and blog posts at Phil Henry Power Gospel.  

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